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'Vanderpump Rules' Recap: Scheana and Adam's Explosive Fight Takes Last week, Scheana told Adam Spott she had a "friend" coming into.

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Done! Adam Quits 'Vanderpump Rules' & SUR After Scheana Hooks Up With Another Guy

Scheana and adam fight ring by spring meme Vanderpump Rules Season Finale Recap. Save The Scheana and adam fight by Mary McClelland on April 30th, 2019 Once upon a time, in a land fitht, far away a foolish princess sat in her WeHo walkup, and pledged her love to Jax Taylora pile of mashed potatoes that sometimes took on scheana and adam fight features and pretended to have a heart, but mostly just oozed brown puss. Instead, the biggest drama was Scheana Marie crying in a corner because Adam Spott rejected her adopt-a-penguin apology gift. Or Tom 1 will at least. Brittany and Jax are engaaaaaaaayged and every cactus in Los Angeles knows. That's how I felt watching the finale," Scheana tells TooFab. Unlike some of her "Vanderpump Rules" co-stars, Scheana Shay's not usually one to over-drink and embarrass herself on national television -- but all that will change when the Season 7 finale airs on Bravo later this month. Scheana stopped by TooFab ahead of what she described as a cringe-worthy finale and explosive reunion to spill all sorts of tea. She also filled us in on the status of her non-relationship with Adam Spott, the handsome barback she once tried to set up with Brittany Cartwright. View Story "I don't know.

Scheana Shay on 'Complicated' Relationship with Adam Spott, Spills on Finale and Reunion - toofab

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Scheana Shay's Dating A Former Bachelorette Contestant... And His Roommate? - Vanderpump Rules

Adam Furious At Schaena For Sleeping With Someone Else - Season 7 - Vanderpump Rules

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