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The dating landscape has definitely changed in the last century but do we single ladies really have it so bad now?.

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How dating has changed over the last 100 years

Dating through the decades lily from at& Talk The dating landscape has definitely changed in the last century, dating through the decades do we single ladies really have it so bad now or was living in a bygone era a better place to be? Take a walk with us as we look at dating in the 20th century. Imagine yourself in these times and decide for yourself who has it better. Up until this time, dating through the decades was very formal and generally involved an awkward conversation with a suitable bachelor in your family home, under the watchful eye of a chaperone.

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With the advent of new technologies cell phones, social media, Tinder, etc. It is important to note that historically many of these mainstream rituals were strictly confined to heterosexual dating. Dating did not yet exist in the modern sense; society instead favored a courtship model which almost entirely consisted of one long, parentally-controlled audition for marriage. Marriage during this time was less a public declaration of mutual affection and more an essential means of legally exchanging property between families.

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Tinder, Bumble, POF, and Match are just a few dating websites that are popular in this day and age to help through this dating world. Lives are becoming increasingly busy and finding a mate is becoming lower and lower on the list. These days, women are focused on their career and living their own life, unlike decades before when finding a husband was on top of the list. Unlike before, we no longer need friends to help link us with a date or go browse the bars, clubs etc.

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The all-important first date isn't easy. And yet traditional dates are held up as a romantic ideal, the kind the older generation desperately wants Millennials to learn so much so that a Boston College professor is teaching a course on it.

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