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Dan helped Blair face her baby-daddy issues, while Nate got his hands dirty working for Diana.

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Gossip Girl Mystery Solved: Who Is the Father of Blair’s Baby?

Blair gossip girl pregnant dadd meaning in english The midseason finale once again left us with a car crash and a beloved character in critical condition, but I'm fairly sure that none of us were really sweating Chuck's chances of survival over winter hiatus, were we? What the accident was really designed for, of course, was the convenient loss of Blair and Louis' baby before the blair gossip girl pregnant. It's depressing that something as serious and emotionally devastating as a miscarriage can be used as such a throwaway plot device, but sadly, it's been a foregone gir, ever since Blair's ill-advised pregnancy storyline was introduced. I'm disappointed but not at all surprised that the writers didn't utilize the opportunity to tell blwir much more compelling and poignant story about a young woman dealing with an unexpected pregnancy, with the man she loves stepping up to the plate to help her figure out how to raise it, despite the fact that the baby isn't his.

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I have the tastiest bit of gossip. turns out that Leighton Meester is expecting a baby with husband Adam Brody. Or, to stress it in a language we all know, Blair Waldorf is expecting a baby with Seth Cohen. And hey, I'm sure Meester could learn a thing or two about raising a child from her Gossip Girlcharacter, the one and only Queen B, right? OK, actually, I really hope not.

Gossip Girl Flashforward

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It definitely did. The show ran from 2006-2012 with many emotional ups and downs. Even though the show ended, there are still some unanswered questions we are all wondering about. What Happened to Dorota's family?

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Chuck & Blair 5x03 Blair tells Chuck she's pregnant

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