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Explore Simone's board "Being single memes" on Pinterest. Finding humor again after loving a Narcissist Single Life Humor, Single Girl Quotes.

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30 Memes You'll Understand If You're Okay With Being Single, But Also Think It Kinda Sucks

Single again memes talkative quotes sayings Living in the Age of Political Memes Tensions across parties and borders are high. Should single again memes laugh about it? Not only do these countries share thousands of miles of border, but also a single again memes history of hostility, outright violence and diplomatic animosity. And a single nuclear strike by one of these players could trigger effects that transcend national borders and threaten the very survival of civilization itself.

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By Amber Garrett 4 months ago Millennials are known for ruining a lot of industries and institutions — paper napkins, bar soap, diamonds — but the biggest way we're destroying the fabric of society is in the area of marriage and family. A 2014 study found nearly 60 percent of millennials were single and never married — so I guess you could say we're ruining Valentine's Day , too. Actually, we've just reinvented it — as Singles Awareness Day. If you're worried about being ForeverAlone or totally happy with that fate — or at the very least resigned to it — these 19 "Happy Singles Awareness Day" memes will give you a chuckle and make you feel better about your life choices.

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By Rebecca Strong Sept 17 2018 It seems that nowadays there are memes for almost every occasion or emotion, and breakups are no different. In fact, these 9 breakup memes to send your friend do a little of both. Breakups are a big part of the shared human experience. At one point or another, most of us have had our hearts broken or been the heartbreakers , and joking about this common event can certainly help to ease some of the agony. TBH, you can never have too much sass when you're trying to help a friend who's stuck in a post-split rut.

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