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Alfie Deyes, boyfriend of fellow YouTuber Zoella, is a multimillionaire. His YouTube channels have over ten million subscribers and he's sold over , books. His net worth is around five million dollars – which is roughly £million. Tom Cassell has nearly ten million.

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Zoella net worth 2019 christianity and community service He is well-known for uploading pranks and other funny videos on his YouTube channel. Interestingly, he has become a social media sensation and has built a huge fan base across the world. His mother is a well-known jewelry designer while his father Graham worked as a talent producer. Joe grew up along with his sister Zoella in Bath, England where he completed his basic education. Career and Rise zoella net worth 2019 Prominence Joe with his sister Zoella Joe began his social media career from a very young age. Her parents are Graham and Tracey Sugg. The British beauty vlogger attended the Corsham School and Arts College but did not further her education due to anxiety and childhood related panic attacks. She later took a job as an apprentice at an interior design company and began to write on her Zoella blogs as a hobby; a blog she created in February 2009. The channel centres on fashion, beauty, and videos of her personal favourite beauty products. She created another channel MoreZoella which was used to publish her daily logs to her subscribers and viewers.

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But what kind of salaries are we talking about here? And in particular, the superstar YouTubers — how much do vloggers with millions of subscribers actually get paid? Both have several million people subscribed to their respective YouTube channels. As two of the most popular YouTubers on the video sharing platform, international brands are fighting to work with them.

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