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Yacht Club This song is by Rick Ross, features Magazeen and appears on the album Deeper Than Rap .

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Rick Ross - Yacht Club Lyrics & Traduction

Yacht club lyrics rick ross dead north documentary episodes He never wanted to settle. So it was hunger and determination to be the best in what he does. He was buzzing underground and we know mostly the same people.

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Magazeen] He not bigga den biggy bitch I'm bigger than you just a boat a mi casa like you a milli or 2 gotta kick off your shoes okay let's take a cruise heres my captain now relax, let him do waht he do, okay Who rollin spinach cause I'm reallin the anchor smoke up up an acre a grass wake up in jamaica, couple nautical nas, I call my cubanos ta cop, puerto rico for women, hit barbedos ta shop, livin larger than life Call this the yacht club, before ya join us bitch ya gotta get your stocks up. Kill all the middle men I'm the millatin gilligans Speakin creo and gentle men as I cruise the caribean, o lord I'm a star down in saint barths the fat tommy lee I made out with like 8 broads but up in costa rica, I get the most of features, she no speakay No englay, maybe fat joe could teach her, smokin barrels of reefer, only the yacht club, before ya join us bitch ya gotta get your stocks up, travel the seven seas, there is no better breeze when we started Sellin keys that's just how we thought it would be, no one agrees with me, but that's just how it goes I'm the greeta genious no reference to the ugly clothes, I still hustle for dope, but no more me scuffin my Soles, make the presentation and trust me the customer sold, I'm crusin in the gulf, I think your so deaf, janet was in control, because the hoe left, JAMAICANS... My dick a big stretch and quick ta tell a bitch fetch, tell you ta kiss her ass, after you bought the bitch breast, her head above average, my head above water, but now you could see my balace, Right off the coast of florida, I'm in ta fine fish with a slight lime twist, veggies on the side of course, kush appetizez, let your mercedes chill, roll with a navy seal, this the yacht club, Wanna trust me your lady will, still spillen champaign, or is it merlow, fuck it it's fine wine, my bitch a vergo, I don't do the signs unless a dollars on em, I'm da boss a da boat, cashmeire collar on em, Thinkin a last year and all the moneys made, now it's corporate investin amongst the other things, no one agrees with me, but that's just how it goes, I'm the greeta genious no refernce to the ugly clothes Found a mistake in "Yacht Club" song lyrics? Please correct it! We will never show you a blank page instead of song lyrics.

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04. Rick Ross Feat. Magazeen - Yacht Club (Deeper Than Rap)

Rick Ross - Yacht Club (Feat. Magazeen)

drake lyrics about boats

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