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WWE Super Showdown serves up wrestling’s best

Wwe super showdown 2018 naruto boruto next generations episode 1 While some of the rumbling around the murder of Jamal Source has gone away, the controversy of the WWE working in Saudi Arabia hasn't and there's still plenty of disquiet about the absence of any women from the match card. However it came about, we've got the return of Dolph Ziggler, who quite fairly looks at KofiMania and thinks about what might have been if he'd been in the right place at the right time. And now wwe super showdown 2018 has his chance to put this right, and with the Kofi buzz finally dying down, we reckon syper got a 50.50 chance of making it happen The only problem may be the Beast wwe super showdown 2018 in the wings.

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Samoa Joe I loved their match at Hell in a Cell. They start strong with AJ showing a lot of fire and passion. His title run is proof that a Indie talent can be successful in WWE and b you can have a successful babyface title run in 2018. A lot of the bigger spots are extra tasty.

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The Undertaker defeated Goldberg in a match that started strong before falling apart. Credit. WWE. And despite Brock Lesnar promising to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase, WWE Super ShowDown proved to be yet another exhibition show with very little newsworthy developments to speak of.

Full match john cena and bobby lashley vs kevin owens and elias SUPER SHOW DOWN

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