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Striped Skittles said: List your opinion on the Top Vocaloid songs. Clockwork Lullaby6 - Miku, Rin, Len, Luka, KAITO, Gakupo .

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An Introduction To Vocaloid

Vocaloid kaito best songs intimidating personality signs In fact, the takeover has already begun. Can you guess where they started? Vocaloid was developed by Yamaha in 2000, in Barcelona, Spain. Justin here and welcome to another edition of the Otaku Mind. But for now, we celebrate the birthday of Kaito. Released around the same time as Meiko, Kaito has had many personality traits added onto him over the years. Why top 11?

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My Top 100 Vocaloid Songs

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[KAITO] I'll Quit Singing High

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