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The Selective Service System is an independent agency of the United States . The Selective Service Act of , enacted inof that year, created a.

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Selective Service Act of 1917

Us selective service act tips on dating an american woman Why should women — or men — have to register for the draft? Charles W. For most of the 20th century, the United States required men ages 18 through us selective service act to register with the Selective Service System so that the government could servkce would-be soldiers if the president and Congress authorized a draft. The mandate applied to men alone because only men could serve in combat roles in the military. Enter your search terms. selective service, in U. Conscription was established 1863 in the U. Civil War, but proved unpopular see draft riots. All men from 21 to 30 years of age later extended 18 to 45 , inclusive, had to register.

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Start your free trial today for unlimited access to Britannica. Harry S. Truman , asserting that the peacetime army could not attract the numbers that it needed to uphold its global commitments, pushed for an extension of the draft. Congress obliged, and the Selective Service Act was reenacted in June 1948. The act was scheduled to expire in June 1950, but the outbreak of the Korean War that month prompted Congress to extend it for another year.

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Failing to register for the draft means lifelong consequences for some

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Всю процедуру можно разделить на четыре части: 1) возбуждение дела об административном правонарушении 2). В статье рассмотрен общий порядок привлечения нарушителей к административной ответственности, сроки производства по делам об административных правонарушениях, права и обязанности лиц, участвующих в ходе производства, а также иные вопросы. Административная ответственность должностных лиц: законодательные нормы для должностных лиц, сроки и порядок привлечения, особенности привлечения.

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