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This is an independent service not affiliated with Twitter in any way. Add an iframe> to your HTML document and pass the full URL to the Tweet as a .

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Twitter iframe generator dune club 2 schedule URL and Anchor List to append in generated code YouTube Video Code Generator Setting up your web page or blog site is easy, but gathering an audience, attracting visitors and keeping them coming back to your website can be quite difficult. Thus, you have twitter iframe generator make your website look nice, interactive, and anything that will not make your visitors be bored. You have twitter iframe generator make them interested with all of the themes in your website. from the designs, animations, color; featured images; and definitely, its content. How to Embed Twitter in an Iframe by Dan Stone Twitter provides embedded widgets that inject Twitter content into an inline frame within another Web page through a script. Twitter's site blocks direct iframe display through the secure hypertext transfer protocol, which keeps someone from making a direct iframe to any given page on Twitter. Instead, Twitter widgets need to be created through the corresponding Twitter account to be embedded on a site within an iframe.

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