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No reason whatsoever the end user should be relegated to formatting the device to remove tracfone's hijacking/mining of the users data history.

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How Do I Remove a Contacts Old Phone Number In Messages for OS X?

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Method 1. Delete Call History from Samsung Galaxy Phone Manually In this part, we will be using the most basic function provided by Samsung Galaxy to delete single or multiple call entries from your device. Please simply follow the instructions below, then the call log entries should be removed successfully. Step 1. Open the Phone app and go to Recent Calls. Step 2. Select a call log entry from the list and tap on the "delete" button from the top right corner to remove that particular call log from your call history.

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Can you recover deleted text messages from a cell phone?

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How to delete / clear Google Chrome history from Android phone - Tutorial

LG G3: How To Delete Internet Browsing History -

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