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These creepy stories, pulled from Reddit, contain shocking secrets that the about hearing voices, dark thoughts, and even a confession of taking another's life.

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The most shocking things people say on their death beds

Reddit deathbed confessions examples of radioactive dating in everyday life Confessions On Deathbed - Recently, a Reddit user asked "what is the most shocking thing reddit deathbed confessions confessed while on the deathbed? Here reddit deathbed confessions the confessions on deathbed that you should read - My dad was adopted from a woman who went to my grandparent's church and got pregnant out of wedlock. My grandpa confessed on his deathbed that he had actually had an affair with that woman and here was my dad's real father, which was why he suggested adopting him in the first place. I used comfessions work in an assisted living home and on his deathbed a resident apologized profusely for molesting his daughter's son just minutes before he took his last breath. My grandpa reddit deathbed confessions my dad he loved him for the first time when he was dying from cancer.

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He directly involved White House Special Counsel Charles Colson in the burglary of a psychiatrist's office to gain damaging material against Daniel Ellsberg, saying he masterminded the plan. Trump is still reviewing some documents at the request of spy agencies that want their release blocked. What specifically did E. Howard Hunt say in his confession on the JFK assassination?

People Reveal SECRETS They'd Only Share Anonymously

Amanda Sedlak-Hevener 2. These creepy stories, pulled from Reddit , contain shocking secrets that the contributors never shared with anyone else. Included in these horror stories are secrets about hearing voices, dark thoughts, and even a confession of taking another's life. Read on to see what other secrets are being hidden.

I Ghosted My Boyfriend Of 5 Years... r/Confessions

Reddit's Strangest Confessions!!!

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