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Research shows that individuals who leave Christian fundamentalism often experience a crisis. In her memoir Jessica Wilbanks shares her difficulties, including exploring her bisexuality, recreational drugs, and preital relations. Leaving a fundamentalist religious meaning system.

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15 Things Not to Say to a Recovering Fundamentalist Christian

Leaving fundamentalist christianity fusion bands in bangalore Fearless, independent journalism, direct to your inbox. Sign up for our daily or weekly digest. Now that same Spirit was reaching back out to God and appealing to him leaving fundamentalist christianity my behalf.

leaving fundamentalism: personal stories

So, I put out a general call for some of the gems you have heard, and here's a few that I got back. It's a good idea to pretty much never use that word in particular. Bitterness, in fundie-speak, is a tool to silence anyone who is being critical.

Recovery from RTS, Religious Trauma Syndrome, M. Winell

recovering from evangelical christianity

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The Psychology Behind Religious Fundamentalism

It's been six years since I left my fundamentalist cult

religious trauma syndrome

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