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People with HIV who are on treatment and have an undetectable viral load Factsheet Undetectable viral load and transmission – a factsheet for HIV- negative . try to make sex safer by choosing partners with the same HIV status as them.

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Is undetectable the same as negative? pilates reformer certification online Can the hiv test result become negative.? The whole family are worru. See below.

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For many, it reduced anxiety about transmission and could reduce stigma. For some, undetectability was even the basis of a new identity, which they distinguished from being just HIV-positive. It could also contribute to a feeling of sexual liberation and to better sex. However, some HIV-positive participants and many HIV-negative participants expressed considerable caution about relying solely on undetectable viral load as a means of reducing HIV transmission risk.

Let that sink in for a moment. Now, how stupid does that sound? This news has been long-awaited by those who know their positive status, are taking medication and are taking care of themselves. Is it a license to be reckless? No, but it is a reassurance that treatment as prevention does work.


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Is Undetectable the New Negative? Those involved in HIV advocacy certainly have strong opinions on how the term that refers to an HIV positive person's undetectable viral load should be used and who is using it incorrectly. Some herald the term as a badge of honor worn by those who are compliant with their treatment and open about their HIV status, while others would scold the same group of people for using the term as an excuse to engage in unsafe sexual behavior. Either way, oversimplified accolades and mud-slinging morality judgments have no place in a conversation about HIV stigma, prevention and the term that is a result of compliance with medication.

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