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(In my examples I don't include a period. In headline style capitalization, on the other hand, all the major words of the title are capitalized.

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What Is Headline-Style Capitalization?

Headline style capitalization example dating a perpetually single girl That's exactly what Headline Capitalization does. It's a free tool to make sure what you capitalize online for publications like blogs and news articles, or for academic headline style capitalization example, is correct. This headline checker should help you to correctly format all your titles in the future. It's important to accurately capitalize titles and headlines for articles and papers. Headline Capitalization is a free headline checker that correctly capitalizes titles for all your writing.


Richard Nordquist is a freelance writer and former professor of English and Rhetoric who wrote college-level Grammar and Composition textbooks. Updated March 26, 2018 Title case is one of the conventions used for capitalizing the words in a title , subtitle, heading , or headline. capitalize the first word, the last word, and all major words in between. Not all style guides agree on what distinguishes a "major word" from a "minor word. Conjunctions , articles , and short prepositions are not considered major words; however, capitalize all words of four letters or more. Capitalize all verbs including linking verbs , nouns , adjectives , adverbs , and pronouns.

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Capitalization Rules: Capitalization of a Title

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What Words Should Be Capitalized in a Newspaper Headline? : English & Writing Lessons

Capitalization of Titles

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