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Facebook is a great social media platform in which to promote your Choose the URL of the Facebook page you would like to use with a LIKE.

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How to Add Like Links to a Business on Facebook

Facebook like link url samira wiley wedding guests Unfortunately, neither facebook like link url or Javascript are supported by most major email clients, for security reasons, so if you try copying and pasting the code generated into your email signature, it won't work. However, there is a workaround. If you want to put a Facebook Like button in your email signature, here's how to do it. Add a Facebook Like button facebook like link url like your Facebook Page continue reading your email signature To ask users to like your Facebook Page, add the following link and replace "emailsignaturerescue" with your Facebook page name.

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Yes, "Like" this. I want to offer a quick look inside the technology behind Facebook's Open Graph initiative to show how easy it is to mark up your website and let Facebook users interact with it. This is only a part of the broad Open Graph strategy the company announced at its 2010 F8 developer conference. Read our full coverage of the keynote. Basically, Facebook is offering up a set of widgets — it calls them Social Plug-ins — that you can drop into any web page to make that page more "Facebooky.

Turn ANY image into a clickable Facebook Post

facebook page like link url

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