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But there are other reasons why Christian deists do not have "churches," in the usual Even in local churches, where many sincere ministers earn their livings, .

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Can a Deist find a Home in Unitarian Universalism?

Deist church near me dating services market David From time to time someone asks me about the relationship between Deism and Unitarian Universalism. The Unitarian Universalist Association website sends people interested in Deism here to Celestial Lands, though I have made suggestions for some better places. Some might challenge whether the label Deism could still be applied to my systemic theology, though I believe it is still in there. My theology has become quite a bit more complex than it was in the days of my Deist activism, but I still hold that God does deist church near me interfere in the deist church near me sortof. I now believe that we can touch the presence of God call it the Holy Spirit and that kind of communion can transform lives.


Christian deists do not have these. Why don't Christian deists have churches? Primarily, the answer is, "Christian deism is a personal religion.

Deist Convention 2011 - Part 1 - Conversations with Deists

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I hope that it marks a turning point in your life. If you are leaving a revealed religion, you have found a refuge. If you have always checked the box, "I believe in God", but never went to church because of dogma, welcome home. Here is where you can belong, and become. I knew I was a Deist before I knew what it Deism was.

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Deism. About the God who possibly went away Beliefs, practices and symbols Beliefs and Practices. John Earwood has written a concise description of a typical Deist's approach to deity, humanity and the rest of the universe. "Deism rejects all of the religious scriptures and dogmas created by fallible humans, as sources of final Truth. Instead, Deists try to avoid unwarranted assumptions, and focus on what is obvious.

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