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The real life examples of continuous variables are: speed of a car in the city (b ) the time of arrival of a bus at a bus-stop the time for which a student studies.

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Difference Between Discrete and Continuous Variable

Continuous variable examples in real life tatuaggi con scritte sul braccio Continuous variable examples in real life value between the two values. Represented by Connected points Definition of Discrete Variable A discrete variable is a type of statistical variable that can assume only fixed number of distinct values and lacks an inherent order. Also known as a categorical variable, because it has separate, invisible categories. However no values can exist in-between two categories, i. So, the number of permitted values that it can suppose is either finite or countably infinite. A random variable is a variable whose value is unknown or a function that assigns values to each of an experiment's outcomes. Random variables are often designated by letters and can be classified as discrete , which are variables that have specific values, or continuous, which are variables that can have any values within a continuous range. Random variables are often used in econometric or regression analysis to determine statistical relationships among one another.

Discrete and continuous random variables - Probability and Statistics - Khan Academy

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