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Students share tips on how to get through university while living at home and commuting to campus.

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How to Be a College Commuter Student

Commuter student tips hey saturday contact Everything I have written below is, of course, written in jest, but is also reality. Photo by. Sarah Louise Osborne 1. Accept the fact that commuting may be your future. Commuting can be tedious and commuter student tips. On average, I commuter student tips tpis three hours before my lessons start, and on every commute, I miserably compare the commuting time to the time it would have taken if I lived near campus — which equates to an extra two hours of sleep! For example, if you drive or take the subway to school, you can listen to podcasts or recorded lectures. School-life balance Because your commute is a set start and end to your day, you can use it as a marker of when to start and stop doing schoolwork. For example, you can decide to only do schoolwork between your 7.30 AM commute until 4.30 PM in the afternoon, or between your 8.30 AM train and your 5.30 PM ride back.

College ready: Being a commuter in college

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Last updated by Hilary Cairns June 13, 2019 Published by Ellen Andersen August 8, 2016 Flickr user Richard Masoner While there is a convenience to living on campus, there is also something to living off campus. The space, the ability to cook your own meals, not having to share a room with others, not using a communal bathroom; I could go on. Of course, there are some things to consider when living off campus. Whether you live five minutes away or have a thirty minute drive, here are some tips and tricks for being a commuter student. Time Your Commute Knowing how long it takes to get to class is vital.

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Ashley Paskill September 08, 2015 Being a commuter student in college can seem tedious and time-consuming. You have to bring everything you need for the day with you and you do not have the luxury of going back to an apartment or dorm to take a nap. While most teachers understand that commuter students exist within the walls of the school, some teachers can be difficult.

Here are 10 tips to help make the commuter life work for you. If you qualify, contact admissions and apply for college commuter status. Parking pass or pay Before the school year starts, apply for a parking pass. If you get a parking pass, you can save money — and stress!

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