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The only thing different is the stamping of the factory code that such thing as a " military spec" chinese SKS vs one built for commercial/export.

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Chinese SKS Arsenal Codes and info

Chinese sks factory codes gary brody wikipedia The first original Chinese SKS rifles were made at chinese sks factory codes 26 arsenal with Russian chinese sks factory codes under the guidance of Russian technicians these rifles are known as the Sino-Soviet models. The only markings on the left side of the receiver will be the factory 26 code a four digit serial number and a letter code. All others will have the factory code,serial number and 3 Chinese characters As far as the bayo goes at some point your rifle came with one on it as evidence by the bayo lug still on the rifle,the Chinese especially the factory 26 rifles used blade bayo's up until 1965 from that point on regardless of date of mfg.

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The information given and photographs in this lighter coloured panel are mainly due to J. Freeman and are reproduced here with his permission. The 7. Chinese Manufactured 7. The first Chinese 7.

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Chinese M21 SKS Overview, Chinese SKS History and Comparison

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