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A special education teacher in Randolph pleaded not guilty on Monday to multiple charges of assault and battery on a disabled person, officials.

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Kids, parents protest cuts in Boston’s school budget plan

Boston globe special education medjool dates 5kg price View Comments MarekPhotoDesign. Late morning gave way to early afternoon as speaker after speaker came to the podium and talked. And talked.

View Comments Jae C. When an 8-year-old special-education student suffering from PTSD began running through the school flailing his arms wildly, authorities arrested and charged the child with assault and battery. The officer handcuffed her and, when she struggled, charged her with disturbing a lawful assembly and resisting arrest. Advertisement These arrests took place in Massachusetts schools.

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I was woefully unprepared. I learned that one of the 33 students in my class was on the autism spectrum, one had dyslexia, two had ADHD, another had a processing disorder, and five had varying degrees of other learning and behavioral challenges. I was expected to help each of them to reach their full potential. I was 23 and completely overwhelmed. This is the reality for thousands of teachers in American schools, and the consequences are dire.

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