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DetailsView vs FormView Control

Asp.net formview vs detailsview dorothy wang age Every of these controls could be used to display data. Logical question is, why ASP. NET offers so many controls for same task? What asp.net formview vs detailsview differences between these controls and most important, when to use each of them? We can divide data presentation controls into two main groups. Both controls enable display, edit, insert and deletion of data items such as database records but with a condition -single data item at a time. Both the controls, DetailsView and FormView controls support page forward and backward traversing page forward and backward traversing allow us to move through the records one at a time both in the forward and backward direction. Each of these two controls render the user interface in its own unique way.

asp net formview vs listview

Both controls enable you to display, edit, insert, and delete data items such as database records. Furthermore, both controls enable you to page forward and backward through a set of data items.

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asp.net detailsview

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